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    Well set up.

    Short, quick decision-making chains are important to us and we have structured our organisation accordingly: flat hierarchy with clear competences and responsibilities.


    Markus Leu

    Verantwortliche der Unternehmensbereiche

    Ivan Salton
    Leiter Management Services

    Jens Wiebe
    Leiter Geschäfts-Applikationen 1

    Donato Busa
    Leiter Geschäfts-Applikationen 2

    Felix Angehrn
    Leiter Systembereitstellung, Integration, Architektur

    Marco Frei
    Leiter Applikationsbetrieb, Support

    Christian Rupp
    Leiter Daten- & Integrations-Management

      The members of the Supervisory Board

      • Jürgen Wenger
        Chairman of the Supervisory Board
      • Rodolphe Dettwiler
        Director of the Appenzell A.Rh. social insurance office
      • Marc Gysin
        Director of the Zurich social insurance office
      • Urs Grischott
        Director of the Graubünden social insurance office
      • Rolf Lindenmann
        Director of the Zug compensation fund
      • Ignaz Vinzens
        Director of the St.Gallen social insurance office