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    Targeted service.

    We develop IT solutions with which the social insurances can complete their commission correctly, in a client-friendly manner, comfortably, efficiently and with cost effectiveness.

    We have at our disposal comprehensive, insurance-specific application know-how, outstanding competence in IT architecture and extensive practical experience in the field of social insurances. All our offerings focus on the most cost-effective provision and further development of the applications and related services. As a rule we delegate the technical implementation of the IT requirements, the operation of the platforms and the processing of information in computing centres to external partner companies. However, we always retain overall responsibility.

    Service and project management are the priority tasks of IGS. We ensure that our services and systems are available or operated to the agreed terms. Any change in operating environments or services is analyzed, documented, implemented and set productively.

        Business Solutions 1 and 2 have the end-to-end responsibility for the whole IGS product portfolio. It bears the responsibility for new software releases and for the realization of special projects.

        Architecture and integration define, monitor and optimize the whole system including products and systems. This way it ensures that an integrated operation of all systems is possible and these can be operated simply and efficiently.

        The application operation coordinates the production planning with our customers and ensures the timely processing and production. The service desk is responsible for a customer friendly support and the coordination with all parties involved.

        Management Services structure the delivery and service relationships with our suppliers and the internal procedures connected with HR, finances, controlling and corporate planning.

          IGS social insurance applications:

          • ELAR: Workflow and document management with archiving
          • Register of insured persons
          • Contributions and debt collection
          • Child and family allowances
          • Individual account management
          • Annuity insurance
          • Supplementary benefits
          • Healthcare costs
          • Individual reduction of premiums
          • Helplessness allowance
          • IV daily benefits insurance
          • Disability insurance
          • Loss of income (EO) benefits
          • eAdministration
          • Pflegefinanzierung
          • Pflegegeld und Blindenbeihilfe
          • Kamesa